Are you interested in learning more about Health at Every Size®, weight stigma, thin allyship, and fat-positivity? I offer consulting services starting with fees starting at $180 per hour. This work offers support to healthcare providers, educators, researchers, and anyone working to reduce the harmful effects of weight stigma.


I offer both individual or group sessions. I also lead workshops for those who are interested in a more collaborative and hands-on approach. As a consultant, I work collaboratively with my clients to help them reach their goals while providing insight and information that is shaped by both scientific literature and my lived experiences. 

I frequently consult clinicians that are thin and seeking guidance on how to authentically support those in larger bodies. This common concern brings us to exploring thin allyship and the natural limitations of one’s professional expertise.

The lack of a shared lived experience between a provider and client does not define the helping relationship as it is simply an area that requires awareness and consideration. Strengthening thin allyship often times includes exploring unintentional weight bias and fat body politics.


I also provide support around cultivating community and changing workplace environments to be more weight-inclusive. This involves learning how to navigate difficult conversations about health and weight stigma. This can be particularly helpful for those in a workplace that follows a traditional medical model or those working in academia.


Don’t underestimate your ability to grow as an ally and supporter of body liberation. Let’s make the world a safer place together. 


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